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Thiago Silva exclusive interview: On why he chose Chelsea, his hunger to win and what he expects from the Premier League | Official Site

In a broad and revealing first interview since joining Chelsea, Thiago Silva explains how his experience can help an evolving team, details his enduring hunger for success and recalls past clashes with the Blues.

At 36, you've achieved so much in the game so what still motivates you?

What motivates me, day by day, is the hunger to win. To win everything within my reach. Coming to the Premier League, my main goal is to win the league title and I’m certain that we’ll be fighting for that every step of the way. The team is really strong, we’ve got a great coach and I’ve come here to contribute in whatever way I can to ensure that we get as close as possible to achieving those aims. That’s what motivates me: stepping out onto the pitch, and then winning, winning, and winning some more. I don’t think about anything else.

As I’ve said before, the prospect of playing at the next World Cup is another thing that really drives me. I’ll be more or less 38 years old by the time of the next World Cup and I’m hugely motivated to be in good shape for it.

The work that I’m putting in to make this a reality already started a while back and now Chelsea have given me a great opportunity to continue playing at the highest level. What Chelsea represents to me is a source of great happiness and motivation to be a part of a new project, a new family and I hope that this will be a very special year together.

You joined PSG at the start of a new era for that club. Does it feel like something similar is happening at Chelsea?

No, I wouldn’t say it’s similar. When I arrived at PSG, the club had just been taken over by the Qataris. They were going through an unprecedented phase of reconstruction. That was the very beginning of it all - they were building things that PSG had never experienced as a club and I was really proud to be a part of that project, which led to the club being recognised all around the world and to a Champions League final particularly because I was a part of it right from the start.

But things are different here. Chelsea have already won a Champions League final, the project has been in place for a while now. The club has gone a few years without spending big money, without regenerating the squad, but now we’re starting again on a new journey with some big signings. I hope that this reboot will bring the same success as the club has enjoyed in the past. I hope to be able to play my part out on the pitch, and I hope that this reboot proves to be just as successful as the project I helped experience at PSG.

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